Transgender violence

A Trans Woman Died at Rikers: “The City Failed to Protect Layleen”

The inmate was found unresponsive in her cell Saturday.
Emma Ockerman
this is fine

Dyeing My Hair Rainbow Colors Will Never Make Me 'Less Asian'

Rather than my race, my hair became what people recognized and distinguished me by. But as my white friends began to accept me, I realized that my acceptance of myself was suffering.
Michelle Zhu
Life Inside

All the Crap I Put Up with Transitioning to Male in Prison

"Well, you’re still a she for now, anyway," the doctor told me when I started hormone therapy.
Ethan Ybabes

Supreme x Nan Goldin: Are Hypebeasts Too Transphobic to Cop the Drop?

This week, the legendary streetwear brand announced a collaboration with the renowned photographer. But because the designs feature trans girls and drag queens, smaller-minded fans are shook.
Diana Tourjée

Jeff Sessions told interns that weed is more dangerous than they think

Carter Sherman
trans ban

Trump signs memoranda banning trans folks from the military

Carter Sherman
transgender military ban

Trump's transgender ban will hurt the military, retired generals say

Tess Owen

How Music Helped a Transgender Pop Star Transition

Through seeing Madonna, Janet Jackson, and Prince on MTV, Kenny could better visualize becoming Mia.
Katie Bain

Chelsea Manning Is Finally Free: 'I Am Looking Forward to So Much'

The military whistleblower was sentenced to 35 years in prison, where she was subjected to treatment deemed "cruel and inhuman." In one of his final acts as President, Barack Obama reduced Manning's sentence to time served.
Diana Tourjée

'The Real L Word' Is the Queer Adolescence I Never Had

Showtime's canceled reality show gives me a sense of queer community that I don't think I'll ever experience in real life.
Katie Heaney
vice sports q&a

"I Wanted to Take the Mask Off": Harrison Browne on Coming Out as a Transgender Man in the NWHL

On Friday, Buffalo Beauts forward Harrison Browne became the first openly transgender athlete in U.S. team sports. In this VICE Sports Q&A, he talks about his decision to come out, the support he has received, and what comes next.
Kate Cimini

Tanzania Tries to Ban Lube to Stop Gay Sex

The crackdown on lubricant comes several weeks after a regional commissioner in Tanzania announced that anyone who is gay, or anyone who simply follows gays on social media, would be arrested.
Amy Martyn