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Noisey Power Rankings: October 22 - 26

Two different guys named Liam had good weeks but we are sad to report that Mygynyn Kyllyy dropped way down.
Noisey Staff
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We Had a Bunch of Small Children Ask Liam Gallagher Questions

Look on as they discuss everything from naughty brothers with small feet to whether humans can fly.
Noisey Staff
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This Christmas Give The Gift of Love (And Follow Liam Gallagher)

He's donated his tones to the tale of "The Very Hot Snowman"—an important message about climate change and how the "world is too hot."
Lauren O'Neill
New music

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds Released a New Song, "Holy Mountain"

Nice of him to wait for his brother's album campaign to end.
Lauren O'Neill
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Foo Fighters, Liam Gallagher, and Some Woman Covering The Beatles

They were joined by Joe Perry of Aerosmith. Tell your dad.
Lauren O'Neill
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Daz Rinko Finds Love From Above And Liam Gallagher on EP 'Black Boy Joy'

"I'm simply striving and exceeding the expectations placed upon us from before we were born."
Sharine Taylor
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Liam Gallagher Is in Chill Rockstar Mode in a New Live Studio Performance

D'you know what I mean?
Lauren O'Neill
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Here's Liam Gallagher's First Solo Appearance on US Television

He gave a snarling performance of "Wall of Glass" on 'Colbert.'
Lauren O'Neill
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Liam Gallagher Actually Apologizes on New Song "For What It's Worth"

There's a first time for everything, right?
Lauren O'Neill

Liam Gallagher, Eternal Fuckin’ Shit-Talker

The legendary frontman chats about his first ever solo record, his brother Noel, a potential Oasis reunion, JAY-Z, his inability to swim, and pretty much everything else you'd want Liam Gallagher to address. He also says "fuckin'" over 100 times.
Eve Barlow
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Liam Gallagher Called James Corden a "Knobhead"

Liam speaks for all of us.
Lauren O'Neill
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We Made Suggs from Madness Review Chance the Rapper, Dave, and More

"I mean, fuck me, this Mount Kimbie one is dark."
Tshepo Mokoena