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Liam Neeson Had the Sort of 'Impulse' That Literally Kills Black People

Power walking will never kill this brand of racism because it's innate.
Noel Ransome
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Noisey Power Rankings: October 22 - 26

Two different guys named Liam had good weeks but we are sad to report that Mygynyn Kyllyy dropped way down.
Noisey Staff
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We Broke Down the Most Insane Kills from That Liam Neeson Snowplow Trailer

He literally drops an entire tree on a car.
River Donaghey

Liam Neeson's Stunt Double Taught Me a Particular Set of Skills

Under the tutelage of Neeson's long-time stunt coordinator Mark Vanselow, I got to look like a badass battling my way through a train car of goons.
Justin Caffier
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Liam Neeson May Kick Some Serious Alien Ass in the 'Men in Black' Reboot

It looks like the upcoming film wants to bring in an actor with a particular set of skills.
River Donaghey
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Liam Neeson Has Kicked His Last Ass

The 65-year-old announced that he will no longer be using his particular set of acting skills for action films anymore.
River Donaghey

Here's the Real Story Behind the Deli that Magically Summoned Liam Neeson

“Where’s my free sandwich?”
Nick Rose

Daniel Day-Lewis Isn't the Greatest Actor of All Time

Last night, Daniel Day-Lewis won an unprecedented third Academy Award for Best Actor for his portrayal of great emancipator Abe Lincoln in the Steven Spielberg film named after America's 16th president. No other man has won three Best Actor awards...
Oscar Rickett