Lias Saoudi


All Hail Britain's Biggest Narcissist in The Moonlandingz New Video for "Black Hanz"

The Fat White Family and Eccentronic Research Council collaboration band have recorded an album with Sean Lennon. Here's the first video.


On Tour with Britain's Biggest Narcissist... Johnny Rocket!

We followed a ramshackle supergroup comprised of Fat White Family, Slow Club, and The ERC on a sniff and cider-fuelled tour across Northern England.


Is Fat White Family’s Story the Last of a Dying Breed?

The darkest, unexplored moments of this band's narrative sketch the story of every struggle that faces Britain’s shriveling artistic underclass in 2016.


The Thing About Fat White Family and How Fucked Up Everything Is Right Now

Fat White Family are a reminder that rock music can mean something beyond an NME cover, a pull-quote, and a few tracks recorded with Jim Abbiss.