16 project

The Youngest Player Starting in MLS: The 16 Project

Alphonso Davies has come a long way in a short time. Born at a refugee camp to parents fleeing civil war in Liberia, he walked onto the pitch in Vancouver 15 years later as the second youngest MLS player ever.
VICE Sports

This Mother and Former Refugee is Liberia’s Youngest Presidential Candidate Ever

If MacDella Cooper wins the October 10 election, she'll be Liberia's second female president.
Alice Rowsome
Rise Up

Grassroots Women’s Movements Just Got $20 Million in Funding to Combat Gender Inequality

The Goalkeepers Conference is trying to support the role of women in facilitating change.
Emily Weitz

Photos from a Fun Day Out with the Masonic Order of Liberia

Photographer Conor Beary ended up in Monrovia, visiting his girlfriend's family, and wound up with an invite to a largely secretive annual celebration.
Conor Beary

Liberia’s Land Law Could Protect Forests, People and the Climate

The government is dragging their feet on the revolutionary Land Right's Act.
Gaurav Madan
Gay Rights

Openly Gay Soccer Player Seized in Sweden for Deportation to Liberia, Where Gay Sex is Illegal

Andrew Nagbe now faces the possibility of deportation to his home country on August 23, where it is still illegal to be openly gay.
Liam Daniel Pierce

A Ghost Ship Mysteriously Appeared on the Coast of Liberia

Where did Tamaya 1 come from?
Jordan Pearson
The Road to Nowhere Issue

Scientists Strand Chimps on Remote Archipelago

The New York Blood Center, a prominent blood bank that usually spends its time saving lives and trying to cure diseases, recently abandoned dozens of research chimps on a chain of islands in Liberia.
Kaleigh Rogers

An Ebola Survivor's Story, Told in Virtual Reality

'Waves of Grace' is a powerful, emotive film about the struggles faced by survivors of the 2014 ebola outbreak in Liberia.
Kevin Holmes
virtual reality

The UN Is Using Virtual Reality to Make the Rich and Powerful Feel Empathy

A new campaign uses virtual reality documentaries to raise awareness and trigger empathy.
Doug Bierend

$150,000 Raised for Abandoned Research Chimps, But Will Only Last Six Months

The New York Blood Center maintains the chimps are not their responsibility.
Kaleigh Rogers
Modern Medicine

Ebola's Paper Trail

There is a data collection problem in West Africa. Paper can fix it.
Mahad Ibrahim