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Libya's Future Is Up in the Air as Political Talks Between Rival Governments Collapse

These negotiations are the international community's attempt to retain Libya as some sort of viable state. Meanwhile, a power vacuum has allowed people-smugglers and Islamist militants to gain an edge in the chaos.
Kayla Ruble

Anniversary of Muammar Qaddafi's Death Coincides with Failed Peace Talks in Libya

In the years since Qaddafi's fall, Libya has been torn apart by political instability, militia violence, and Islamist extremist groups.
Kayla Ruble
Islamic State

Islamic State Video Shows Man Being Dragged to Death in Gruesome Execution

The Islamic State released a video that appears to show a pair of executions in Libya, including one that involves a man being dragged to death behind a truck.
Islamic State

Islamic State Tightens Grip on Qaddafi’s Hometown After Failed Uprising

Reports of beheadings and bodies strung up on poles have emerged following an attempted rebellion against Islamic State militants in the Libyan city of Sirte.
Rebecca Murray

Inside the Makeshift Weapons Workshop That Keeps Libya's Militias Armed

VICE News visits a Misrata workshop that makes arms for Libya Dawn militias, where volunteers use ingenuity and resourcefulness to turn decades-old munitions and vehicles into battle-ready weapons.
John Beck

On the Frontline of Libya's Fight Against the Islamic State

The jihadists have taken advantage of the country's turmoil to expand their self-styled caliphate from Iraq and Syria. VICE News met the Libyan militias battling them for control of the city of Sirte.
John Beck

Two Embassies in Libya Attacked, the Islamic State Claims Responsibility

On the eve of a crucial summit that hopes to reconcile Libya's warring factions, the Islamic State's branch in the country says it has attacked the South Korean and Moroccan diplomatic missions in Tripoli.
Scott Mitchell

Free Flights Save Egyptians in Libya From Violence — And Provide Cheap Vacations

The Egyptian government is providing free flights to thousands of Egyptians living in Libya. Many are fleeing oppression, though some look at it as simply a cheap way to get home.
Eric Reidy
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Egypt’s Push to Lift Libyan Arms Embargo Could Lead the Country to Unravel Further

The proposal to lift sanctions could go beyond allowing Libyans to purchase weapons (presumably to fight IS), and could involve more coalition airstrikes.
Steven Tomaszewski