life on the content farm


Content Farms Are Dead

Content farming was actually designed to be an infinitely profitable business, and that delusion will result in suddenly broken business models.


Sun Valley Mogulfest: A Good Reminder that ‘Influencers’ Are Mere Peons

Understanding the importance of mogulfest based on content farm coverage.


Facebook-Dependent Content Farms Will Finally Die

The algorithm tweak will show us who has REALLY already diversified their traffic sources.


Tronc Is the Absorption of Digital Media Into Legacy Media

There is no innovative method to monetizing content.


Who Are We Kidding? ‘The Media’ Just Provides Facebook With Content

Social platforms have turned news into a subgenre of generic content.


Digital Media Is Kept Afloat By a Black Box of Confusion

Advertisers will keep spending on digital media and figure out how it works later.


The Digital Media Bloodbath Isn't Happening

We were told a digital media bloodbath was coming. Instead, two new powerhouses joined the content farm industry.


The Media Vultures Are Circling Yahoo!

#Yahoo!shaming seems like a stretch because it isn’t a particularly interesting company.


Stories About VR Are Boring, But Content Farms Keep Churning Them Out

The cost of calling VR a bogus trend and being wrong are too high.


What Even Is Video These Days?

The NewFronts are where next year’s virtual reality, 360 degree video, and Snapchat story scripted series content will be sold.


Adblockers Are Winning Because Content Is All the Same

One of the hardest problems to solve in the War on Adblockers is the fact that readers no longer identify with publications.


The Big Box Content Farm Wants to Be Boutique Again

Mass-audience sites are getting angsty as their dragnet audience strategies start to fail.