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Jury recommends Charlottesville neo-Nazi James Fields be sentenced to life in prison

Circuit Court Judge Richard Moore will now decide Fields’ fate.
Tess Owen
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Bowe Bergdahl Will Reportedly Plead Guilty for Deserting His Post

The soldier and 'Serial' subject could spend life behind bars.
Drew Schwartz

Exclusive: VICE News Investigates the UK's 4,500 Prisoners Doing Life for Minor Crimes

In a three-month investigation, VICE News looked into the case of the UK's forgotten prisoners — the thousands serving life sentences under abolished legislation with no release date in sight.
Maeve McClenaghan and Ben Bryant

What Inmates Are Saying About Colorado Shooter James Holmes Getting Life in Prison

Some prisoners serving life sentences are upset that they are effectively receiving the same punishment as a man who gunned down 12 people in a movie theater.
Robert Rosso
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The Connecticut Supreme Court Just Shut Down the State's Death Row

Now the state's 11 prisoners facing lethal injection will serve life sentences instead.
Drew Schwartz
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A Texas Teen Is Facing Life in Prison Over Hash Oil Brownies

The added ingredient turned the 19-year-old's offense into a first-degree felony comparable to murder.
Alice Speri

Louisiana State Penitentiary Hosts a Rodeo for Its Inmates

"We see it as a vital tradition and good reward for the inmates who deserve to be here today. It’s a big privilege to be allowed to take part in the rodeo, and they know that," said Warden Cain. "It also allows us to raise much needed funds for our...
Giles Clarke