light art

Glowing, Alien Monoliths Are Basically Stonehenge for the Digital Age

Iván Navarro's monumental neon art mystifies visitors at Masterpiece London.
Ann Binlot

A Photographer Manipulates Light to Mimic the Magic of Reality

André Distel is a self-taught photographer using digital tools to match the perceptive power of the human eye.
Catherine Chapman
light art

This Neon Light Installation Is Like an Interactive Stonehenge

Amsterdam’s Circus Family brings 'TRIPH,' an immersive and responsive light installation, to Northside Festival.
Eleanor Lambert

See Light in Its Transient Form in This New Audiovisual Installation

Let 'Liminal Scope' transport you back to a time of child like wonder.
Nathaniel Ainley

You Owe More to the Sound and Light Engineer Than You Know

Lessons learned from behind, and beside, the DJ booth.
Oscar Bouwhuis
music video

[Premiere] Glowing LED Lights Dance to Birdsong in This Dreamlike Music Video

Hidden Orchestra recorded the sounds of nature at dawn to form the foundation of each track on his new album.
Kevin Holmes
music videos

This Drone Music Video Lights Up the Desert Like an Alien Encounter

For Unkle’s “The Road,” German filmmaker Norbert Schoerner turns a barren desert into a contrasting palette of light and shadow.
Kevin Holmes
50 states of art

A Light Artist Uses Projections as a Conduit to God in Arizona | #50StatesofArt

Phoenix, AZ-based artist Francisco Flores uses light to transmit spiritual and psychological healing in his immersive installations.
Andrew Nunes
light art

Glowing Iceberg Simulations Take Over a Tropical Chinese Garden

Arctic ice formations inspire Chinese Artist Jiayu Liu’s latest light installation in the tropical city of Sanya.
DJ Pangburn
50 states of art

Long-Exposure Photos Capture Light Art with Drones in New Mexico | #50StatesofArt

Lee Montgomery paints the night sky using LED-enhanced, remote controlled aircraft.
Anna Marks

400 Sparkling Nipples Shed Light on Facebook's Bullshit Nudity Policies

Anonymous artist group Luzinterruptus protested internet censorship outside Facebook’s Madrid HQ with a glowing reminder of the utter shamefulness of censoring a tit.
Francesca Capossela

Light Sculptures Set a Gallery Aglow in Technicolor

Artist James Clar channels Cronenberg, Irwin, and Flavin.
Sophia Callahan