light installation


Glowing, Alien Monoliths Are Basically Stonehenge for the Digital Age

Iván Navarro's monumental neon art mystifies visitors at Masterpiece London.


Psychedelic Light Art Celebrates the Summer of Love's 50th Anniversary

Trippy projections illuminating San Francisco's Conservatory of Flowers commemorate the summer of 1967.


The Walls Have Feelings in Majestic Interactive Room

'La maison sensible' lights up when you pet its walls.


Wander Through 30 Rainbows of Light at This Festival

The annual light art festival covers London’s financial hub with innovative light art.


Futuristic Rainbow Chandelier Lights Up an 1840s Theatre

Light artist Liz West rejuvenates a centuries-old space with seven colors.


A Suspended Mesh Installation Transforms at Nightfall

Is it a shadow? A school of fish? Moss? Mist? Or a cloud? Sophia Wheelwright invites you to make your mind up.


Strings of Light Dance to Your Touch in This New Interactive Installation

New media artist ecco screen’s interactive light installation, 'strands,' debuted at the Next Art Night show in Los Angeles.


A Light-Up Mural Illuminates a Seedy Philadelphia Alley

David Guinn’s hidden street mural lights up a 'black sheep' of a street in Philly.


Lose Yourself Inside a 10,000-Square-Foot Rainbow

A new light installation in Bristol transforms an office building into a work of art.


A 250' Telescope Hosts Brian Eno's Generative Projection Art

Brian Eno's '77 Million Paintings' was recently projected as a huge light installation on the UK's Lovell Telescope.


A Colorful Cosmic Installation Celebrates the Royal Astronomical Society's 200th

Jessica Lloyd-Jones and Ant Dickinson bring the wonders of the galaxy to a Welsh festival.