light painting


Ethereal Light Paintings Illuminate Europe's Most Dramatic Natural Sites

Photographer Michael Taylor creates spinning, balletic figures, surreally lit against the French Alps and Irish lakes.


The Story Behind the Cover of VICE Magazine's April Issue

"I grew up with this mirror, and there was always a mystique about it."


Long Exposure Photos Turn Trains into Electric Ghosts

Public transportation in Budapest just gets lot more spectacular.


Manipulated Fireworks Photos Are Explosive Rorschach Tests

Photographer T-Mo Bauer turns the fleeting moment of an explosion into surreal light paintings.


How to Create a Carnival of Light Art

In the making-of for APigeon’s “Polyday” music video, co-directors Patrick Rochon and Pierre Tremblay talk about painting with light through time.


Learn from the Masters: Light Painting with DariusTwin

This class reveals the secrets of long exposure light photography.


These Light Paintings Depict Fantastical Angels

Jason D. Page makes spirits and apparitions with extended exposures.


3D Light Paintings Swarm the Desert of the Real

Trunk Animation built a robot light painter for their new stop-motion short, 'Floating Points.'


Filmmakers Built a Scale Model of the Solar System in the Desert

At seven miles in diameter, this is not your basic Science Fair project.


Watch Light Paintings Morph into Geometric Creatures

Floating Points’ jazzy new video looks a school of tiny lightsabers dancing and traveling through time and space.


[Premiere] A Laser Landscape Sears the San Andreas Fault

Epicenter Projects taps media artist Robert Seidel for a series of long-exposure laser experiments in the desert.


Planes Paint the Sky with Light in This Tokyo Tilt-Shift

The supercity gains an adorable airport in Tokyo timelapser darwinfish105's latest effort.