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Canadian Protesters Keep Shutting Down the Line Nine Oil Pipeline

Activists chained themselves to a valve in the name of Indigenous land claims before being arrested on Monday.
David Gray-Donald

First Nation Leaders Say Tensions with the Canadian Authorities Are at a 25-Year High

Two and a half decades after the Oka land dispute in Quebec turned deadly, Indigenous leaders from coast to coast tell VICE it could easily happen again.
Hilary Beaumont

Line 9 Pipeline Could Start Pumping Heavy Oil Soon Despite First Nations Court Challenge

"Canada has never consulted us on this project and it's their constitutional obligation to do so," says one First Nation councillor.
David Gray-Donald

A Royal Canadian Mounted Police Report Said Anti-Oil Activists Were National Security Threats

We spoke to some environmental and aboriginal activists to see if they were worried about a coming crackdown.
Michael Toledano

This Canadian Artist Halted Pipeline Development by Copyrighting His Land as a Work of Art

Peter von Tiesenhausen has a novel approach to dealing with assholes from oil companies—he claims his land counts as copyrighted art and charges them $500 an hour to meet with them.
Stephen Keefe

These Protesters Walked 700 Kilometres Along Two Canadian Pipelines

We spoke with the anti-pipeline protesters whose massive undertaking—a 700 kilometre walk from just west of Montreal to a town on the Gulf of the St-Lawrence—is one of the boldest demonstrations against pipeline action Canada has seen yet.
Tim McSorley