link rot


I Bought a Book About the Internet From 1994 and None of the Links Worked

Early books and periodicals about the internet were the atlases of the digital world in the mid-90s—and like atlases, they frequently pandered to the largest possible audience.


Canada's Supreme Court Is Preserving Every Website Mentioned In Its Rulings

The country’s top court is publicly archiving every single hyperlink in its decisions, so they aren’t lost.


The Kindness of Letting the Internet Forget

By practicing a sort of reverse search-engine optimization, we can participate in a better, nicer, more ethical internet​.


The InterPlanetary File System Wants to Create a Permanent Web

A potential solution to the massive problem of linkrot.


Today Is '404 Day' Because the Web Is Breaking

A stern examination of entropy and censorship. Ugh, remember when holidays were fun?


When Will the Internet Defeat Link Rot?

Two decades after the problem was first assessed, broken links still plague the web.


The Supreme Court Has a Serious Problem with Link Rot

Where's the internet's Library of Congress?