Lisa Murkowski


The GOP isn't all thrilled Trump's attacking Obamacare again

Republicans are concerned there's no plan to fix or replace it.


It looks like the Senate just got enough votes to block Trump's national emergency

“I would literally lose my political soul if I decided to treat President Trump different than President Obama,” Sen. Rand Paul wrote in a Sunday op-ed.


GOP senators may support Trump's emergency declaration — even though they hate it

“I think many of my colleagues know they’re being inconsistent, but they feel that politically they’re in a bind.”


House votes to block Trump's national emergency declaration

To Dems and some Republicans, Trump’s action represents an unconstitutional power grab.


Look what Marsha Blackburn made Taylor Swift do

More women than ever are running for political office. Sign up for our newsletter following them.


One Republican just flipped, but is it enough to stop Kavanaugh?

"I believe Brett Kavanaugh is a good man," Sen. Lisa Murkowski told BuzzFeed. "In my view, he’s not the right man for the court at this time."


302 Protestors Arrested at Capitol as Kavanaugh Confirmation Approaches

Women’s March activists overwhelmed the US Capitol, alongside politicians like Sen. Elizabeth Warren and celebrities like Emily Ratajkowski, who was arrested with comedian Amy Schumer.


Kavanaugh just got one step closer to becoming a Supreme Court justice

But Sen. Lisa Murkowski, a key Republican voice, voted no.


Brett Kavanaugh just got some very good news

Two Republican holdouts signal they're satisfied with the results of the FBI probe.


Don't Count on Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins to Save Us from Kavanaugh

Why are liberals looking to these women to save them?


The Left's war plan on Trump's SCOTUS pick: delay until November

As Trump reveals his nominee for the Supreme Court, the fight begins.