Photos of Life in 'Portugal's Toughest Neighborhood'

Photographer José Ferreira's new project captures a marginalized community as it's torn down.
José Ferreira
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We Reviewed All 43 Eurovision Songs

From Dutch outlaw country to Albanian hard rock to whatever Moldova are doing, here's an exhaustive guide to everything you'll hear from Lisbon this week.
Alex Robert Ross
Noisey Hitlist

Westerman’s Pop Injects New Energy into the Term 'Singer-Songwriter'

We’ve got the first stream of the London artist's idiosyncratic new single “Confirmation.”
Tom Connick
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Moullinex Doesn't Have Time For Aggressiveness on Funky "Work It Out"

The Portuguese producer teams up with former Azari & III vocalist Fritz Helder for a new single from his forthcoming album.
Krystal Rodriguez
digital art

Photographic Illusions Mirror Our Connection with Nature

Luisa Azevedo makes magic with her surreal, beautiful photo manipulations.
Nathaniel Ainley
music video

[Premiere] Travel to a Psychedelic City in this Groovy Animated Music Video

Drift through Lisbon’s famously artistic streets in animator Emanuele Kabu's video for the track "Azulejos" by Populous.
DJ Pangburn

This Secret Portuguese Cheese Island Is What Heaven Looks Like

There are more cows than people on Terceira, a tiny island in the Portuguese Azores archipelago. Cattle graze all year round on rolling green hills, producing some of the most delicious dairy known to man.
Lucy Bryson

Chinese Families in Lisbon Are Running Secret Restaurants Out of Their Apartments

I tracked down one of the Portuguese capital’s Chinês clandestinos, the hidden eateries operating from the homes of some entrepreneurial Chinese residents.
Lucy Bryson

In Search of Francesinha, a Sandwich So Good Chefs Won't Share the Recipe

The Francesinha is essentially just slabs of bread stuffed with meat and cheese, but Portuguese chefs are reluctant to share their technique.
Lucy Bryson

Lisbon Is Going Crazy for These Nutella-Topped Brazilian Pancakes

Brazilian expats living in the Portuguese capital have introduced their new home to tapioca pancakes: a traditional dish made using the cassava root flour, and topped with everything from shredded beef to Nutella.
Lucy Bryson

Lisbon’s New Technology Museum Is a Fine Piece of Sci-Fi Architecture

The Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology is a $20m project space where aliens could potentially watch you playing with fitness balls
Nadja Sayej

What It Looks Like When an Entire Country Is Watching a Single Soccer Match

People from all backgrounds, races, religions, and social classes got together in Lisbon's taverns to see their team win.
Niccolò Natali, Fulvio De Filippi