I Will Die of Listeriosis Before I Wash The Outside of My Avocado

I refuse to worry about one more thing.
Hannah Keyser
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Frozen Green Beans and Corn Recalled Due to Listeria Scare

Attention, people who serve these things at Thanksgiving.
Ashley Lyles
Eat This

Produce Pulled from Trader Joe's and Whole Foods Due to Listeria Scare

The recalled products were also pulled from Albertson's, Meijer, and Walmart stores throughout the US and Canada.
Michelle Malia
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Trolling Aside, Is It Actually Safe to Eat Raw Chicken?

A viral post shows off “medium rare chicken strips,” but is eating raw chicken safe? Experts say the risks outweigh the benefits.
Nick Rose

Wait, How Did Eggos Get Contaminated with Listeria?

The cinnamon ones are good, though.
Kaleigh Rogers

Food Allergen Recalls Are Becoming A Huge Problem

A VICE News/MedPage Today analysis of six years of FDA data has found that undeclared food allergen recalls have already reached an all-time high so far this year, and have nearly doubled since 2009.
Sydney Lupkin

Researchers Love E. Coli Because They Can Make It Poop Plastic

Modified microbes have the potential to help reduce our carbon footprint and our reliance on oil at the same time.
Arthur White
Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia Is the Hot New Destination for Food Poisoning

According to reports, some 2,745 restaurants in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia have been forced to close in the last four months due to food safety violations.
Alex Swerdloff
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The Burgeoning Blue Bell Black Market Wants to Sell You Pre-Recall Ice Cream

Last month, a massive recall spurred by fears of listeria contamination left many people bereft of their favorite Blue Bell ice cream. But never fear: The online black market has plenty of pre-recall ice cream ready to sell.
Alex Swerdloff
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Raw Chicken Isn't the Only Thing Making You Sick

A new report from a US government taskforce has tallied up the food groups most often associated with food poisoning, and it turns out that raw chicken is the least of your worries.
Munchies Staff

French Retirees Have Contributed to a Foodborne Illness Crisis

If there’s anything the French love more than taking to the streets in protest, it’s retiring, which citizens aged 62 years and older do with gusto. But their departure from the workforce is leaving the food safety sector particularly vulnerable.
Lauren Rothman

Getting Real About the Fear Behind Raw Milk

Lately, there's a rising fear in food—people have developed a strange aversion to anything that isn't shrink-wrapped with a barcode on it. But when the issue behind raw milk bubbles to the surface, the cheese world is swimming in a sea of it. Here's...
Charlotte Kamin