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The Trailblazing NYPD Detective Murdered by the Mafia in Sicily

The "Italian Sherlock Holmes" was actually an American battling the Black Hand, an early Mafia group that terrorized immigrants when cops looked the other way.
Seth Ferranti

Do Young People Care About Gentrification?

We interrupted some millennials' $5 coffee to ask if they think about displacing the poor.
Zac Thompson

MUNCHIES Presents: Italian Rabbit and Polenta With Danny Smiles

In this episode of Giardinos, Le Bremner chef Danny Smiles gives props to Elena Faita, the godmother of Italian cooking in Montreal. He gets a crash course on a hearty northern Italian rabbit and polenta dish—perfect for Montreal’s brutal winters.
Danny Smiles

Rabbit, Rifles, and Risotto with Montreal’s ‘Mother Chef’

In the heart of Montreal's Little Italy is a landmark hardware store where Creuset pots, hunting rifles, and homemade ravioli exist in total harmony.
Nick Rose

These Beans Will Dilate Your Pupils

If you live in proximity to an old-school deli or a grocery store that hasn’t rotated its stock since the Carter administration, you might’ve heard of lupini beans, a tough legume that’s snacked like bar nuts with beer. Besides their deliciousness...
Matthew Zuras

Chef's Night Out: Bar Isabel

We gathered up the Bar Isabel crew and took them to the city's most exciting microbrewery, Bellwoods, along with a late night dinner at the incomparable 416 Snack Bar.
Munchies Staff