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Livable Planet

An Introduction to VICE Impact's Partnership With evian

A letter from the publisher of VICE Impact.
Katherine Keating

Protecting the World's Forests Still Matters Even If You Live in a City

You may think tropical forests have little to do with your urban life, but you probably use a rainforest product everyday. This year's International Day of Forests is all about protecting these important natural resources no matter where you live.
Brittany Wienke
Livable Planet

We Must Protect the People Dying in the Fight Against Climate Change

A new initiative is taking a stand against threats, harassment, and the deaths of environmentalists across the globe.
Emily Weitz
Livable Planet

The US Ski Industry Is Suffering from the Effects of Climate Change

Climate change is threatening a way of life, with billion-dollar industries and local economies potentially melting away.
Eric Kingrea
Livable Planet

Trump's Anti-Environment Agenda Makes 2018 the Perfect Time to Support These Climate Orgs

Here's how you can be part of the solution to the world's mounting environmental problems.
Jonathan Parks-Ramage
Rise Up

As More Pipelines Threaten Jobs and the Environment, Americans Are Pushing Back

Our energy future depends on the fight between local communities across America and large corporations.
Jonathan Parks-Ramage

If You're Not Rich You Probably Can't Afford to Live in San Francisco or New York City

The fight to keep America's cities livable is playing out right now from coast to coast.
Emily Weitz

The Trump Administration's Pro-Offshore Oil Drilling Stance is Ecological War On Alaska

Enabled by a ruthlessly pro-corporate GOP, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke is hellbent on compromising public lands and threatening the ecological livelihood of local communities.
Jonathan Parks-Ramage

Corporations are Privatizing Power in Puerto Rico as Trump Administration Relief Aid Continues to Stumble

A toxic combination of incompetency, greed and vulnerability after Hurricane Maria make the island ripe for a dangerous move toward privatization of major utilities.
Alice Rowsome
Livable Planet

These US Cities Are Dealing With the Worst Drinking Water Problems Nationwide

Everyone deserves the right to clean and safe drinking water, so let’s continue to fight for the American communities that need our help.
Jonathan Parks-Ramage
Livable Planet

America Got a D+ Grade for Our Terrible Water Infrastructure

America was put to the test, and unfortunately it’s failing—literally. A new plan suggests the country needs 10 years and $150 billion to fix things.
Jonathan Parks-Ramage
Livable Planet

The Trump Administration Just Gave States Free Reign for Offshore Drilling, But You Can Fight Back

Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke plans to open up almost all of the U.S. coast to offshore oil drilling—more than 90 percent of the continental shelf.
Kimberly Lawson