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Ghetts Will Always Be a Grime OG

He blends both parts of his legacy – from his younger days as Ghetto, to last year's 'Ghetto Gospel: The New Testament' album – with total ease.
Chanté Joseph
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Azealia Banks Is Still Really Good Live, Sorry

The controversial rapper blew London's KOKO away last weekend, deepening her 'can you separate the art from the artist?' conundrum.
Tshepo Mokoena
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Patti Smith Is Still an Untouchable Icon

Even when she's covering U2, as she did at a London gig over the weekend.
Hannah Ewens
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H.E.R. Wants to Be a Successful Enigma

At a recent Apple Music 'Up Next' show, the 21-year-old R&B artist toed the line between her near-anonymity and snippets of her 'true' identity.
Tshepo Mokoena
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The BTS Live Show Is a Glowing, Self-Affirming Safe Haven

For fans of the Korean boyband, like myself, their "love yourself" mantra swells in size in a live setting like London's O2 Arena.
Biju Belinky
Øya Festival

I Did the Unthinkable and Discovered New Music at a Festival

Øya in Oslo was the antidote to a summer of messy live experiences, and a perfect place to stumble across Norwegian acts.
Tshepo Mokoena
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Thinking About "World Music" (Whatever That Means) at a Moroccan Festival

At Visa For Music in Rabat, Morocco, it's best not to get caught up in phrasing. The music is too good.
Zachary Lipez

Arca's Roundhouse Show Was a Victory for Fearless Self-Expression

Alejandro Ghersi's headline London was a vivid realisation of his intimate new album.
Tshepo Mokoena
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Presidential Death Match: GWAR Rain Blood at The Gathering of the Juggalos

They decapitated a giant robotic Barack Obama, made Hillary and The Donald fight to the death, and covered the crowd in pink fluids. Just another live set from the Virginian metal band.
Nate "Igor" Smith

I Sent My Girlfriend's Mother to Review a Canadian EDM Festival

Spoiler alert: her recap includes inflatable dolphins, security selfies, and Top 40 DJ slander.
Max Mertens
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The Virtual Pop Star Hatsune Miku Is So Good She Makes Me Want to Throw Up

The brilliance of Hatsune Miku is that it turns the music industry’s inherent phoniness into an enormous cosplay endeavor.
Drew Millard
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Not Dead Yet Night 3 Was All Kills, No Frills

Day 3 of the Toronto punk and hardcore festival got intense fast and never let up.
James Khubiar