Deep Ass Questions

Are You Too Old to Love Taking Back Sunday’s 'Tell All Your Friends' Album?

When I was 14, everything sucked. Now I'm an adult, I have a mortgage. That's just what happens when you get old.
Devin Pacholik
The VICE Guide to Right Now

George R. R. Martin Is the Only Novelist the Internet Cares About

The 'Game of Thrones' creator just released a new chapter from 'Winds of Winter' on his LiveJournal, because he still uses that.
Lincoln Michel
All in Your Head

Faking Your Death Online Is a Lot Harder Than It Used to Be

In the early days of social media, death’s clammy hand was never far from a user’s shoulder.
Roisin Kiberd

Digital Painting Asserts Its Place in Art History

“The most important artwork of our time might well be happening on a LiveJournal profile,” says curator Michael Connor.
Noémie Jennifer
2005 week

What Your Old LiveJournal Music Says About You

In 2005, the internet was like the wild west for sharing your feelings. And posting music on LiveJournal was one of the best weapons we had.
Noisey Staff

'Delete Your Account' Unearths Our Awkward First-Times on Social Media

How do you draw a line between your personal online self, your public online persona, and your past self?
Andrew Nunes

The Antisocial Network: How the 90s Internet Died Like Diaryland

Before Facebook or Twitter, there was Diaryland. But it’s creator just wasn’t a Zuckerberg and it faded into oblivion.
Michelle Sterling
The Do It Well and Leave Something Witchy Issue

Did a White Guy Steal a Popular Gossip Site from Three Black Teenagers?

Oh No They Didn't grew from a LiveJournal community to an honest-to-god brand, but the people who run it today have been accused of exploiting the original founders.
Mitchell Sunderland