Living alone

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How to Live Alone Without Losing Your Shit

A psychologist walks us through the daunting realities of flying solo.
Austin Williams
How Scared Should I Be?

How Scared Should I Be of Living Alone?

If you're not splitting rent with someone else, you might need to worry about choking, falling, or becoming weird.
Mike Pearl

The Aimless Purgatory of Being a Teen Refugee

More than 42,000 minors entered Germany alone last year seeking protection from conflict zones. Most of them are teens, hoping to adapt to a new culture on their own.
Meredith Hoffman

How to Live Alone Without Going Crazy

Living alone is a luxury, but it comes with perils, like the risk of becoming depressed or simply weird.
Allie Conti

People Told Us About the Worst Roommates They've Ever Had

"I went home, and the apartment was on fire."
Justin Caffier

The Peculiar Case of a Modern-Day Hermit

Does solitude destroy the human psyche, or does it allow us to see the world clearly?
Paul Willis
The VICE Guide to Right Now

A New Study Shows That if You Live Alone, You Probably Eat Like Shit

Who needed vegetables, fruits, or fish if no one's watching you eat garbage?
Mike Pearl
Girl Writer

In Praise of Being a Single Woman with No Need for Marriage

We are living in the age of the single woman—I should know, because I'm one of them, and I'm fine with it.
Alison Stevenson
Girl Writer

Living Alone Is Everything I've Ever Wanted, So Why Do I Feel So Miserable?

On escaping the trauma of roommates only to fall right into a "single-woman-living-alone" stereotype.
Alison Stevenson

Is Getting Married to Yourself the Next Hot Self-Esteem Trend?

Sologamy, as it's called, is not recognized in the United States or Europe, but though it's not a legally binding union it's become a feature of a quirky self-empowerment movement.
VICE Staff

Photos of the Bathrooms and Kitchens of America's Bachelors

My attempt to document the secret and fleeting period in a man's life between his mother cleaning his room and his wife decorating his apartment.
Michael Rababy