Lizard Squad


Feds Accuse Two 19-Year-Olds Of Hacking For Lizard Squad and PoodleCorp

The arrests of the two teenagers might be part of a larger law enforcement clampdown against the hacking groups who specialize in DDoS attacks.


Even Fake Hackers Can Make A Lot of Money on the Internet

Some clever idiots are extorting businesses by pretending to be famous hackers.


Hackers 'Lizard Squad' Just DDoSed the UK's National Crime Agency

Fighting back the best way they know how.


Six Suspected Lizard Squad Customers Arrested, 50 Given a Lecture

The National Crime Agency is trying to intervene before young people get into serious hacking.


Have the Culture Wars Gone Cyber? Planned Parenthood Hackers Say They Were Bored

Conservatives now have their very own hacktivists, even if the hackers themselves aren't all that gung-ho.


Canadian Teen Who Swatted and Harassed Women Online Is Going to Jail

The 17-year-old was sentenced to 16 months in jail and eight months of community supervision on Thursday in a BC court.


Lizard Squad Hacker Who Swatted and Terrorized Gamers Is Back in Court Next Week

The 17-year-old has so far plead guilty to 23 charges of extortion, public mischief and criminal harassment related to several swatting incidents in Canada and the US


Hacktivists Deface Lenovo’s Website

Hackers apparently affiliated with the Lizard Squad group took control of Lenovo's homepage and defaced it.


Taylor Swift's Twitter and Instagram Accounts Just Got Hacked

And the attackers claim to be affiliated with the infamous Lizard Squad.


The People the Internet Thinks Are the Lizard Squad

Internet vigilantes have tried to punish Lizard Squad by posting their personal information online, including phone numbers.


Hackers and Trolls Target Sony, Divert Plane with Fake Bomb Threat

Grounding planes for Twitter followers. Cool move.