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Mayor Accuses Colleague of Anal Bleaching in Bizarre City Budget Meeting

"Was it getting my sphincter bleached, is that what I earned my income for? No, that would be you."
Drew Schwartz

New York City's L Train Shutdown Could Be A Good Thing

BK City Council Member Rafael Espinal and local groups are driving a grassroots effort towards finding an environmental solution to a transportation quandary.
Aaron Barksdale
The VICE Guide to Right Now

A Guy Named 'Santa Claus' Was Just Elected to North Pole City Council

It's cute and all, but maybe a guy who legally changed his name for a joke isn't the ideal person to be steering your local government.
VICE Staff

Arizona Coyotes Fan Calls Glendale Mayor "Childish" and "Pathetic" In Amazing City Council Tirade

Phoenix Coyotes fans were given the opportunity to speak after the Glendale City Council voted to dissolve the city's lease agreement with the team, and one fan let them have it.
Sean Newell

How Illegal Cigarettes Get Smuggled and Sold in New York City

I spent a day with a guy who traffics "loosies" in Staten Island.
Solange Uwimana

Young Mothers Have Occupied Some Empty London Flats to Protest Homelessness

With the city's housing shortage at crisis point, a group of young moms have taken matters into their own hands by squatting in abandoned housing in the olympic village.
Fran Singh, Photos: Oscar Webb

The Bizarre Idea of HullCoin, a Local Government-Backed Cryptocurrency

A UK city wants to pay people in its own cryptocurrency to tackle poverty. What?
Victoria Turk
Neither Big nor Easy

New Orleans's War on Music

Louisiana’s Department of Tourism recently launched a new ad campaign that declared, “No America We Will Not ‘Turn That Music Down.’” But on the ground, the authorities in New Orleans have been trying to quiet the city’s famously vibrant music scene.
Michael Patrick Welch