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'You Can’t Be Afraid of Failure': Meet Charlotte's First Black Female Mayor

Vi Lyles made history when she was elected mayor of Charlotte, North Carolina in November. She talks to Broadly about how she hopes her win reminds young people, and especially young women, to be brave in the face of adversity.
Kimberly Lawson
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How Voting Flaws Protect the Manhattan DA Who Didn't Prosecute Harvey Weinstein

Candidates opposing the DA, who also declined to pursue felony fraud charges agains the Trump family, are shining a spotlight on the power of local elections.
Jasper Craven

Gun-Toting Militias Are Now Part of Local Politics Thanks to Trump

When self-designated patriot groups first emerged during the early 90s, they identified as enemies of the "New World Order." Now they're playing the game.
Alex Yablon

Would-Be Politician Dropped the N-Word and Sparked a Community Resistance

Southampton is confronting its racial identity with newly minted activism.
Emily Weitz

The UK Is Getting Rid of Its Public Toilets

"Public toilets are a type of first aid, in a way."
Amelia Dimoldenburg
the imperfect host

The Imperfect Host, Part One: The Citizens of Super Bowl City

Super Bowl 50 is in Santa Clara, but San Francisco is hosting the NFL mini-theme park Super Bowl City. Fitting a city in a city isn't any easier than it sounds.
Tarin Towers

The Real Mayors of 'SimCity'

In 1990, all the candidates for mayor in Providence, Rhode Island, played a game of SimCity—why don't we make all our politicians do the same?
Jason Koebler

Can Bob Fioretti Take Down Rahm Emanuel as Chicago's Mayor?

The middle-aged alderman with a Donald Trump-style head of hair, is the left's best shot at taking on Rahmbo.
Gideon Resnick

The Bayou Politics of Louisiana's Midterm Elections

Louisiana's Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu is fighting a rising tide of conservatism in the Bayou State.
Anthony Taille

The Los Angeles Angels of ... Tustin?

What happens when a local mayor calls an entitled sports team owner's bluff in stadium negotiations? We're about to find out.
Neil deMause

The Floating Officials of China

Local bureaucrats in China post doctored photos of themselves supposedly attending to state business like inspecting roads or visiting new parks. And even though many of these photoshopped photo-ops are exposed and ridiculed by local media, officials...
Adam Century
Longreads Or Whatever

Half Naked and Almost Famous - We Saw Machine Gun Kelly in Delaware

All laced up with nowhere to go: watching Machine Gun Kelly perform at a sparsely-attended rap festival in Delaware taught me everything I knew was a lie.
Ezra Marcus