London Riots


What the English Summer Riots of 2011 Were Really About

After five years of theorizing about the root cause of the riots, here's another perspective that doesn't square with either the government's hard line on gangs or the left's view of the looting as an anti-capitalist protest.
Professor Simon Hallsworth
Prof Simon Hallsworth

The Struggle to Save Peckham, South London's Cultural Epicenter

What the threat to the popular Bussey Building nightclub tells us about the war on fun in London.
Ben Beach

A New Documentary Explores the Complicated Aftermath of a British Police Killing

"The Hard Stop" is centered around two friends of Mark Duggan, whose 2011 death sparked protests and riots.
Ashley Clark

The Police Watchdog That Cleared Mark Duggan's Killer Should Be Scrapped

The IPCC report into Duggan's death is yet another failure to protect a family that has lost a loved one at the hands of the police.
Harry Stopes

The Beautiful Dystopian Hell of a Post-Riot Britain

Jimmy Cauty, one half of the late 1980s stadium house duo the KLF has a new art project called <i>The Aftermath Dislocation Principle Part One: A Small World Re-Enactment</i>. It’s the hangover of a riot, built in 1:87 scale miniature, depicting a...
Louis Pattison
Motherboard Blog

We Are Not Vigilantes: A Chat With the Founder of Zavilia, a Crowdsource Tool For ID'ing Rioters Through Photos

Social media isn't just great for starting "social unrest,” it's proving to be quite helpful for quashing it too. Not long after the bricks began to fly in London’s latest kerfuffle, locals angry over raging mobs scrambled to assist the police in their...
Kimberly Haddad
Motherboard Blog

Ones and Zeros: A Brand New Way of Killing Cancer / Bad Riot Spokespeople

h3. ONE: New leukemia "treatment exceeds 'wildest expectations'": (CBS) h3. ZERO: London girl rioters bragging about their conquests and "'showing the rich we do what we want...
Ones Zeros