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Amazon Is Reviewing an Algorithm That Grouped Bomb Ingredients Together

The website's "frequently bought together" feature directed customers to items that can be combined to produce crude explosives.
Drew Schwartz

Sound of the Underground: An Audio Tube Map of London

Field recordings and remixes from 55 tube stops make up a playlist of the capital in 2016.
Victoria Turk

It’s Up to Developers to Bring This Amazing Audio Wayfinding App to Blind People

Wayfindr's open standard will let developers world over have access to tech that lets the blind navigate their environment through sound.
Emiko Jozuka

We Spoke to a Guy Trying to Do London’s Longest Pub Crawl

To coincide with the 150th anniversary of the London Underground, Sam Cullen made it his mission to complete London’s longest pub crawl by visiting a pub close to every single station. That’s 270 in total.
Abby Moss
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Scotland Yard Has Been Accused of Covering Up a London Tube Serial Killer

A former detective claimed a man pushed 18 people in front of trains in the 1970s.
Carlton Férment

Smug Brits Don't Deserve the Tube Strike

These workers are concerned with the extra shifts they'll have to work to run the Tube's new all-night service. But they should be grateful. A tired conductor could mean British bodies sizzling over a burning train carriage.
Sam Kriss

The 24-Hour Tube Will Suck for London Underground Workers

The plan to "free the night" will come at a cost to the people who have to keep the system running.
Niamh McIntyre
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The London Level of ‘Street Fighter V’ Looks Like the Green Room of 'Britain's Got Talent'

There's a dancing trombone man, a creepy janitor dude, and a monstrous glam rocker in the background of the game's London stage. They kick out the jams while <i>Street Fighter</i> characters pummel the shit out of each other.
Joel Golby

This Kaleidescopic Film Explores the Sights and Sounds of London's Underground

Filmmaker Huw Penson transforms London's public transit into an abstract short.
Beckett Mufson

Why Do Most of Britain's Public Transport Racists Seem to Be Women?

Why do we regularly see videos of British women being racist? Why do they seem to make it into the news cycle rather than incidents of public male-perpetrated racism?
Sophie Wilkinson

This App Helps Blind People Navigate London's Tube by Sound

One user said it made her feel "like a normal citizen."
Victoria Turk
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‘The Order: 1886’ Stands to Dramatically Divide the PlayStation Audience

It's the first big PlayStation 4 exclusive of 2015, but Ready at Dawn's steampunk-ish Victorian shooter will prove of select appeal.
Mike Diver