long exposure


Carnival Rides Become Geometric Light Paintings in Long-Exposure Photos

Photographer Roger Vail has been making carnivals his photographic bread-and-butter since 1971 and shows no sign of stopping.


Breaking the Frame: Photo 2.0

2D or not 2D? For photographers today, that is the question.


Jacob Felländer's Breaking Photography | Studio Visits

The mixed-media photographer talks Einstein, virtual realities, and the artistic beauty of making mistakes.


“Lightmapping” Reveals Invisible Radiation in Chernobyl & Fukushima

Greenpeace photographer Greg McNevin uses a light-painting technique to visualize lasting radiation levels.


Manipulated Fireworks Photos Are Explosive Rorschach Tests

Photographer T-Mo Bauer turns the fleeting moment of an explosion into surreal light paintings.


Neon Ripples Through a Skull in Long-Exposure Photos

Photographer Paul Hollingworth turns a reflective skull into a electroluminescent mask.


[Premiere] A Laser Landscape Sears the San Andreas Fault

Epicenter Projects taps media artist Robert Seidel for a series of long-exposure laser experiments in the desert.


Watch a Modded 3D Printer Paint with Light

It's the rise of the light painting machines in Ekaggrat Singh Kalsi's new long-exposure light art.


Fireworks + Drones = Today's Best Light Paintings

Photographer Calder Wilson paints the sky with a sparking drone in his new light art experiments.


See Time Stop and Space Stretch in Adam Magyar's Latest Slit-Scans

The photographer's stunning panoramas are on view now at New York's Julie Saul Gallery.


Kayak Oars Create Floating Light Art Vortexes

They might look like laser beams, but they're actually the twisting pathways of boat paddles.


Techno Snowflakes, Glowing Vortexes, And Computer Viruses Visualized Through Light Painting

Tim Gamble's swirling light art is all created in-camera, or, as he calls it, "straight out of the box."