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Amazon Is Bringing in Elite Lobbyists Amid Seething Rage Over HQ2

One of the most powerful corporations ever is acting like it has a lot to lose. Maybe because it does.
Ankita Rao
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Dozens of Amazon Warehouse Workers Injured in Bizarre Bear Repellent Accident

Twenty-four people were hospitalized after a canister of the stuff was punctured by an automated machine.
Arimeta Diop
The VICE Guide to Right Now Podcast

Amazon Is Creating Cities for the Rich

When the megacorporation announced its new headquarters, many locals in New York and DC weren't happy.
VICE Staff
Tunnel Vision

What Will Amazon's HQ2 Mean for Transit in Queens?

When the L Train goes offline, Long Island City will have to make room for hordes of rerouted passengers. Can the city handle a corporate giant too?
John Surico
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Amazon Is Creating Cities for the Rich and Democrats Are Bending the Knee

Meanwhile, debt is exploding, Americans are very angry, and Donald Trump is honing in on a second term.
Matt Taylor

Chocolate and Capitalism Face Off in a New Sculpture Exhibit

This African art collective seeks to subvert the infrastructure of the fine art world.
Abby Ronner
daily vice

I Spent 24 Hours Inside an Airbnb Taxi

On this episode of 'Daily VICE,' Simone Sullivan takes a staycation in the back of a yellow cab in Long Island City.
VICE Staff

The Sanctity of Urban Nature Pervades this Outdoor Group Show

A 30-year anniversary show in Socrates Sculpture Park celebrates the earth, community, and the longevity of bees.
Diana Shi

Architects Dream Up Oyster Habitats for the Future

By 2030, NYC can have $1 Blue Points all year long.
Antonio Pacheco

Twenty Hours in a New York Strip Club

The Show Palace offers fully nude entertainment to its 18-and-up clientele from 4 PM to 8 AM every Friday, and I watched the production come together.
Zachary Schwartz

A Stolen $2.5 Million Picasso Has Been Recovered in Queens

The oil painting 'La Coiffeuse' was found masked as an "art craft toy" in a package marked with holiday greetings.
Sami Emory