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Cool Science News You Don’t Want To Miss

A 3,300-year-old mummy's healthcare, a blood test that can read your body's internal clock, and predicting who will respond to sugar pills for pain.
Shayla Love
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Long Reads From a Long Year: The Best of Broadly 2016

In honor of the long, bad year we've had, we collected a few long, good reads that explore a diversity of issues that directly impact women's lives.
Lindsay Schrupp
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In Conversation with the King of Game Boy 'Tetris'

You won't know Uli Horner. He's no eSports star like Faker or xPeke. But he's a world record holder on the world's biggest-selling game, Tetris.
Mike Diver

How the British Army Cooperated with the Murderous Guatemalan Regime

Murder in the jungle.
Phil Miller

The Unhealthy Truth Behind 'Wellness' and 'Clean Eating'

My eating disorder had once looked very different, and then I found wellness—but I was not well.
Ruby Tandoh
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Tracing Heroin's Destructive Path from Afghan Poppy Fields to British Needles

We traveled along the heroin trafficking route from Afghanistan into Iran, Turkey, and Eastern Europe, meeting growers, addicts, and experts along the way.
Hanne Coudere, Photos by Jim Huylebroek
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How Big Pharma Drug Pricing Costs Us Our Health

AIDS activism group ACT UP is on the front lines again—this time in a global fight for universal access to 'miracle' hep C, HIV, and cancer medications. So what's stopping it?
Amelia Abraham
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The 73-Year-Old Adventurer Sailing a 60-Foot Steel Whale Across the Atlantic Ocean

Tom McClean left the British Special Air Service to row solo across the Atlantic Ocean, a feat he's achieved five times. Now, at 73, he's ready to do it again—in a giant steel sperm whale.
Joe Banks

Can Virtual Sex Prevent Pedophiles from Harming Children in Real Life?

Unable or afraid to access resources like therapy and support groups, some pedophiles insist that virtual sex with child avatars helps them mitigate their desires. Professionals think it's more complicated than that.
Cecilia D’Anastasio

Who Killed the Venus Flytrap?

In the public consciousness, the Venus flytrap is prolific. But in the wild, it's disappearing.
Kaleigh Rogers
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The Strange Tale of Cult Sludge-Metal Band Iron Monkey

"We knew what we wanted to do and nobody could tell us any other way—a band like that is never going to last."
Harry Sword
The Skammerz Ishu


In 2010, a friend of mine started a travel magazine and asked if she could publish an article I had written about a Kashmiri tailor, during a month I spent living on a houseboat in Kashmir.
Amie Barrodale