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Not Content With Just Loot Boxes, 'NBA 2K20' Has Actual Casino Games

Gambling regulators: Don’t watch this! Gamers: Hello
Rob Zacny
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What Happens to a Streamer Known for Opening Loot Boxes After They're Gone?

YouTube creator Jon Sandman is famous for opening loot boxes in 'Rocket League,' a game that's about to ditch them.
Patrick Klepek
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EA Says Loot Boxes Are Just 'Surprise Mechanics'

'Fortnite' developer Epic Games told the House of Commons that it does not operate a 'sweatshop where managers are standing behind people with weapons forcing people to work.'
Matthew Gault
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Jake Paul Is Advertising Real Life Loot Boxes and They Look Terrible

Jake Paul and RiceGum are shilling for 'Mystery Brand,' the next frontier in mindless consumption.
Matthew Gault

15 European Gambling Regulators Agree to Investigate If Loot Boxes Harm Children

Authorities from Spain, the United Kingdom, Portugal, Austria, Poland, Latvia and others signed the declaration.
Matthew Gault
E3 2018

At E3, Electronic Arts Threw Its Developers Under the Bus Over Loot Boxes

The company refused to take responsibility for last fall's backlash, and let the creatives behind 'Battlefront II,' 'Battlefield V,' and 'Anthem' promise things would be different.
Patrick Klepek

Dutch Study Finds Some Video Game Loot Boxes Broke the Law

The Netherlands Gaming Authority picked ten games and found four of them in violation of the Dutch Gaming Act.
Matthew Gault
Loot Boxes

‘Shadow of War’ Developers Admit Microtransactions ‘Undermined the Heart of Our Game’

Monolith is removing in-game purchases and re-working the game’s final act.
Matthew Gault

'Star Wars Battlefront II' Officially Ditches Paid Loot Boxes

Soon 'Star Wars Battlefront II' loot boxes will only contain cosmetics and you can’t pay for them with cash.
Matthew Gault
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The ESRB's Response to Loot Boxes Falls Pathetically Short of Real Change

The group's own research suggests parents don't understand loot boxes, so the solution is...a label?
Patrick Klepek
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

What Happens When You Discover a Random Loot Drop Is Actually Worth $1,000

When Luke Johnson casually opened loot box in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, he didn't expect to find one of the rarest items.
Patrick Klepek
Loot Boxes

I’m Still Playing ‘Star Wars: Battlefront II’ for Some Reason

I went to extraordinary lengths to make it fun, but it’s so much fun.
Matthew Gault