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eBay, Organized Crime, and Evangelical Christians: The Ethical Minefield of Studying Ancient Civilizations

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Where Do ISIS-Looted Antiquities Go?

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Venezuelans Are So Desperate for Food That They're Looting Supermarkets

On Friday, one person was found dead from a gunshot wound to the chest and a dozen others were arrested after a mob allegedly looted four supermarkets in Bolívar.


Antiquities Liberated from the Islamic State by US Commandos Are Back in Baghdad

As the Islamic State continues to destroy archaeological sites across the region, ancient artifacts recovered by the US military have been returned to an Iraqi museum.


The Islamic State Is On the Verge of Capturing an Ancient Syrian City Full of Priceless Artifacts

The militant group, which has expanded its looting and destruction of antiquities in recent months, has reportedly captured part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Syrian Desert.