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Mike Trout's Crazy Season Isn't Crazy at All

The numbers point to this season being Peak Mike Trout, not Fluke Mike Trout.
John Hugar
cj wilson

C.J. Wilson Retires from Baseball so He Can Be a Race Car Driver

Wilson is a free agent and hasn't caught on with a team, so now he's going to start racing.
Mike Vorkunov

​Carson Wentz Gave TD Ball to Eagles Fan Mike Trout

We have a budding bromance in Philadelphia.
Dave Brown
mike trout

Mike Trout (Finally) Wins Another MVP, Which Is All He Can Hope for with the Angels

The Los Angeles Angels are bad, and they have often held Mike Trout back from not only winning games but awards like this.
Robert O'Connell

Watching the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim in Baseball Purgatory

There are only a handful of teams in baseball worse than the Angels, but none of those bummer-squads are quite as dreary, doomed, and limbo-bound.
Robert O'Connell
paul emmel

Home Plate Ump Paul Emmel Gushes Blood After Bat to the Head

The home plate umpire was said to be fully alert, but that is a lot of blood.
Sean Newell

Watching Jered Weaver, Baseball's Most Beautiful Junkmaster

Jered Weaver was a Cy Young contender just a few years ago. Now he's just barely hanging on with some of the game's junkiest junk, and it's beautiful to watch.
Robert O'Connell
mass bee genocide

Bee Genocide at Baseball Game Angers Ned Yost and Probably PETA

A huge swarm of bees descended on a spring training game between the Royals and Angels and they were all ruthlessly murdered. That didn't sit well with Ned Yost.
Sean Newell

The Los Angeles Angels of ... Tustin?

What happens when a local mayor calls an entitled sports team owner's bluff in stadium negotiations? We're about to find out.
Neil deMause

Mike Moustakas Goes Yard in 11th, Royals Take Game 1

The Royals keep winning in extra innings. This time it was a Mike Moustakas home run in the 11th.
Sean Newell
pennant race

Angels, A's, And Agony

As the sports world readies itself for some football, the best pennant race in baseball is becoming an all out dogfight.
W.M. Akers
Los Angeles

Of Anaheim: Why the Angels Will Always be an Afterthought

The Angels have always been in the Dodgers' shadow, even when they have a better team.
Eric Nusbaum