Los Angeles Dodgers


Good for David Price, World Series Hero

The Red Sox pitcher was dominant in Game 5 to lock down the World Series for Boston.


Mookie Betts Fed Homeless People in Boston at 2 AM After World Series Game

The outfielder showed up to the Boston Library in the middle of the night, handing out trays of food to the homeless after the Red Sox took a 2-0 series lead over the Dodgers.


Alex Cora Never Lost His Edge

Leading a World Series contender in your first managerial gig might be daunting, but the Boston Red Sox manager spent his entire career making sure he was ready for anything.


And Then There Were Three Super Teams, and the Brewers

After an uncompetitive divisional round, the championship series promise to be much more entertaining.


Federal Grand Jury Subpoenas MLB Club Officials on International Dealings

The FBI has flagged club officials for certain shady transactions pertaining to youth development in Latin America.


Brandon McCarthy Will Finish Career with 69 Wins and a 4.20 ERA

The Braves pitcher and Twitter legend goes out in style.


Mets 3B Tricks Umpire With Fake Ball He Found in Stands

New York Mets third baseman Todd Frazier looks to have pulled off some sleight-of-hand work to dupe the umpire against the Los Angeles Dodgers on Monday.


Beverly Hills Hotel Charges Justin Verlander $1M for Being "Dodgers Killer"

The Houston Astros pitcher was given a real upcharge for his team beating the Los Angeles Dodgers in the World Series.


Nick Hundley, You Unbelievable Baby

The Giants catcher got salty because Yasiel Puig was upset with himself, so the San Francisco and Los Angeles Dodgers benches cleared.


On Yu Darvish, and Scapegoating

Baseball history is littered with scapegoats who "lost" a game for their team, eliciting feelings of betrayal from fans. But it's never that simple.


This Video of an Ump Calmly Defusing Rage-Consumed Terry Collins is Delightful

In this video from 2016, Noah Syndergaard was ejected for throwing behind Chase Utley, and then-Mets manager Terry Collins lost his shit. Now we know what he said.


You Can't Predict Baseball: the 2018 Los Angeles Dodgers Story

The Dodgers were the odds-on favorite to win the NL West heading into the season, then basically everyone got hurt and they couldn't beat anyone. Now they're 2 games out of first.