Los Angeles Lakers


With Anthony Davis, New Orleans Needs to Wait for Boston

The Pelicans have to trade their franchise player. The Celtics want him, and have the best assets, but a CBA rule means they can't offer it until the summer.


Here's Something Terrifying: LeBron is Adapting

LeBron is still evolving after 16 years in the league and still toying with the opposition.


The Outlet Pass: All Hail LeBron's Step-Back Three

Also: A Look at the NBA's five worst contracts, Jaylen Brown as a superhero sixth man, the other awesome rookie in Dallas, Julius Randle's consistently putrid defense, and more!


Lonzo Ball is a Force in Transition

When Lonzo starts running coast-to-coast, throw the analytics out the window and trust your eyes.


'Washed' LeBron Drops 42 on Spurs After Sleeping Through Christmas Party

It's been a long week for the Los Angeles Lakers star, but LeBron showed just how washed he really is last night against San Antonio.


There's Still Nobody Like LeBron James

When he's not dunking, LeBron is also the game's most perceptive passer. This sequence explains why.


The Relationship Between LeBron James and Lance Stephenson is Blossoming

Lance Stephenson used to fuck with LeBron James. Now it seems that LeBron James fucks with Lance Stephenson—but in the good way.


James Harden is the NBA's True Zen Master

During the chaos of the fight between the Houston Rockets and Los Angeles Lakers, Harden showed total control over his mind and body.


The (Relatively) New Lineups We Can’t Wait to See

Here's a look at a few key five-man units that can help define the 2018-19 NBA season.


LeBron's Love Affair with Wine Took a Brief Hiatus

LeBron James after giving up wine for two weeks: "Made me want wine more."


Does...Does Tristan Thompson Think LeBron is Still on the Cavs?

Thompson said the East still goes through Cleveland because they are the four-time conference champions. Who wants to tell him?


NBA Trade Value Rankings!

Instead of ranking players based on talent alone, we factor in age, contracts, injury history, and long-term potential.