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Investigators believe 100 Democrats were hit in the Russian cyberattack, the Trump Tower climber reportedly wanted an audience with the candidate, the DEA will announce an expansion to marijuana research, and more.
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​The LAPD Cops Who Play Themselves on TV

The gig has taken on new meaning at a time of heightened national scrutiny of law enforcement.
Hayley Fox

LA's Police Chief Explains How He Gets Rid of Dirty Cops

Talking to the top cop in Los Angeles about homelessness, police shootings, mental health, and body cameras.
Joe Domanick

Is #100Days100Nights Just a Threatening Hashtag or a Full-Blown LA Gang War?

A spate of shootings in South LA since the emergence of the social media slogan—which refers to alleged plans by rival gangs to see who can rack up 100 kills first—has residents on edge.
Seth Ferranti

​Is the NYPD Trying to Get Better at Policing Itself?

A decade after setting up a special unit to monitor the use of force by cops in Los Angeles, NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton is importing the idea to NYC.
John Surico
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Los Angeles Police Department's New Single Is Loving and Gentle

Unlike the actual LAPD, Ryan Pollie's work is thoughtfully nuanced and slow, much of it about the fleeting security of love.
Charlie Ambler
Bad Cop Blotter

​Will Police Cars Start Watching Their Officers?

The LAPD is trying to make its officers better drivers, but police departments around the country should also be monitoring the way cops interact with civilians.
Lucy Steigerwald

California Lawmakers Want to Limit Police Drones, but Activists Want Them Banned

California lawmakers just passed new limits on how police can use drones, but some argue that only legitimizes their use—and that police shouldn't have them at all.
Charles Davis

Is Obedience the Only Way to Avoid Police Brutality?

People of color are getting so sick of police brutality that even some politicians now says it's time to stop being so obedient.
Charles Davis