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Drug Cartels Are Taking Over the Tortilla Business in Mexico

The tortilla industry in the beleaguered state of Guerrero is under attack from local cartels that are kidnapping and killing business owners and workers, as well as using tortilla shops as drug distribution points and lookout posts.
Oscar Balderas

City Reels After Its New Mayor Is Murdered a Day After She Took Office

Over 70 mayors have been killed over the last ten years in Mexico but while many have been rumored to have made deals with criminal groups, Gisela Mota enjoyed a clean reputation.
Jan-Albert Hootsen

The Year in Mexico’s Drug Wars: A Jailbreak, a Chocolate Cake, and a Washed-Up Strategy

Drug lord Chapo Guzmán's escape from a maximum-security prison overshadowed the arrest of other capos and underlined how few new ideas the government has brought to the fight against Mexico's cartels.
Nathaniel Janowitz

Classmates of Mexico's Disappeared Students Reject Claims of Cartel Links

Student leader Omar García says the recent allegations, which stem from an intercepted phone call detailing a recent attempted kidnapping at the Ayotzinapa college involving local cartels, are designed to discredit the college.
Melissa del Pozo
crime & drugs

There's a Spike in Violence in Mexico's Most Violent State

The wave of armed attacks, abductions and general violence in the last couple of weeks highlights the failure of multiple security operations in the last year.
Gabriela Gorbea

Mexico Arrests 'Material Author' of Attack Against Missing Students, But Offers No Details

Mexico's national security commissioner did not reveal what makes detainee Gildardo Lopez Astudillo the 'author' of the attacks that left 43 young men missing. Later, an Argentine forensics group confirmed the death of a second student.
Melissa del Pozo

Could Mexican Officials Eventually Face Charges for Failings in Missing Students Case?

Despite the damning report by an independent panel, a government official defended the original investigation this week. President Enrique Peña Nieto said he would meet parents of the missing as the one-year mark approaches.
Melissa del Pozo and Daniel Hernandez

Chilapa Disappearances Highlight the Struggle Between Drug Gangs for Mexico’s Poppy Trade

Were they community police, or sympathizers of a rival drug gang? The armed people who took over Chilapa may have also taken at least 14 people who remain missing. Guerrero's governor met with the alleged kidnappers anyway.
Melissa del Pozo

At Least 13 Missing As Another Mass Disappearance Develops in Guerrero, Mexico

With the case of the 43 missing students still looming over the state, Guerrero officials now say another probably mass disappearance took place after unknown men entered a town to 'free' it from a drug gang.
Melissa del Pozo

Mexican Workers at Canadian Mines Are Under Constant Threat of Cartel Kidnappings, Killings

A Canadian CEO said his mining company has a "good relationship" with drug lords in Sinaloa, while at least six people in recent weeks have been killed in mining-related incidents in Guerrero.
Nathaniel Janowitz and Benjamin Fernandez

Parents of Mexico’s Missing 43 Students are Asking a Local Drug Lord for Help Finding Their Sons

Six months after the Ayotzinapa students disappearance in the town of Iguala, Mexican authorities have concluded their investigation, but a group of parents is hoping a cartel leader will provide answers.
Melissa del Pozo

The Executioners: What the Government Hasn’t Revealed About the Mexico Student Massacre

Cartel members interrogated by authorities claim dozens of people — more than authorities admit — were attacked and killed because the cartel believed a rival gang was attempting to enter Iguala.
Melissa del Pozo, Hans-Maximo Musielik, and Rafael Castillo