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I Deal With Grief Through Extreme Makeup to Make People Look at Me

I was in such a pained state that I wanted people—even strangers—to stop and pay attention.
Muna Mire
Fighting Words

The Agony of Seeing Miscarriage Stories Shared Online

I want people to be able to talk about their loss, but seeing these posts opens up a wound for me.
Kristi Pahr

A Therapist’s Script for Helping a Friend Grieve a Parent

There's no standard “Grief Etiquette 101” manual, but if you don’t want to sound like a generic sympathy card or risk being presumptuous about what this friend's emotional needs are—here are some words that could help.
Juli Fraga

Experiencing Loss Can Make Celebrating Other People’s Joy Incredibly Painful

Since Jamie died, I’ve tried to protect myself by limiting my exposure to others’ happy life events.
Katie Hawkins-Gaar
BFI London Film Festival 2018

Steve McQueen's 'Widows' Is a Tale of Grief Told with Tons of Guns

The film's three bereaved leading women pay off the $2 million debt left by their career-criminal husbands while masterfully dealing with race and class along the way.
Ryan Bassil

What Can I Do to Process My Dad's Death?

This week in the Coping newsletter: Dealing with loss.
Tonic Editors

7 Books to Guide You Through Grief and Loss

Whether you're mourning the death of a loved one or just dealing with the despair of everyday life, these titles will help you heal.
Laura Winnick
The Privacy and Perception Issue

Searching for Traces of My Late Father Online

My father was murdered years before the Internet existed as we know it. But I still search for traces of him there.
Gabrielle Birkner
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What I Learned From Being Blind-Sided By a Family Member's Suicide

“I know time will help me feel better about my situation,” he texted me, only hours before he killed himself.
Arielle Greenberg

We Asked a Therapist Why We Grieve Celebrities Like We Knew Them

The grief for a celebrity once they’re gone might take up more emotional space than the feelings we had about them when they were alive.
Rajul Punjabi

Saro's "Sky Doesn't Blue" Visual Is a Stark, Dark Pop Reckoning with Loss

The rising LA singer takes on the demons of a friend's suicide in the first of a video series from his 'Boy Afraid' EP.
Andrea Domanick
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This Is How People Use Weed to Deal With Grief

The role marijuana can play in processing and healing from loss.
Jessie Gill