Here's How You Can Protect Your Hearing at Shows and Not Be a Dumbass

Noise-induced hearing loss is forever, and it sucks, but there are solutions out there.


My Bloody Valentine Drummer Says Everything’s Too Damned Quiet

Colm Ó Cíosóig says that gigs aren’t loud enough now; it definitely has nothing to do with being in one of the world’s loudest bands.


Louder, Faster, Completely in Control: Three Days at Daytona

Navigating the crowds, the hierarchies, and just the immense size of the Speedway while the Daytona 500 roared around the track.


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Now We Know What Causes Tinnitus, That Never-Ending Ringing In Your Ears

The incessant ringing some people hear happens when the brain can’t process noise properly.


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Premiere: Clipping - "Loud" (Official Video)

This chopped and screwed video is NSFW.


Say Whaaat?

Deaf people feel music. They can feel vibrations from the beats and the bass. But for deaf kids to want to get up and dance, it has to be LOUD.


Bleeding Ears

Listening to one song over and over for a prolonged period of time—especially music that's intentionally harmful and not from someone's culture—is a form of inflicting pain.