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We Talked to Students Whose Families Want Them in Arranged Marriages

Sometimes a vacation back home ends up being a blind date with a stranger.
Premila D'Sa

The Feminist Matchmaker Fighting Against Dating Apps

Professional matchmaker Amy Van Doran's new community-building art exhibition, the Love Museum, just might help you find your soulmate.
Sarah Bellman
Girl Writer

Why I Still Don't Give Blowjobs (Most of the Time)

Blowjobs are a privilege, not a right.
Alison Stevenson

My Struggle to Overcome My Blowjob Anxiety

For years, I've been confused about what I'm supposed to be doing down there and whether I'm doing it wrong.
Tia Marpole
Girl Writer

How to Come to Terms with Your Attraction to 'Fat Girls'

This goes out to all the dudes who have told me "I'm not attracted to fat girls," even though they had sex with me and I am fat.
Alison Stevenson
Girl Writer

Online Dating Made Me Realize I'm a Shallow Person

Did my obsession with the tastes of my online suitors hurt my chances of finding love?
Alison Stevenson
Girl Writer

What I've Learned from My Pathetic Crushes

Crushes are fucking pathetic, but they've made me the person I am today.
Alison Stevenson

Meet the Chinese Parents Who Go on Dates for Their Kids

The latest Shanghai Matchmaking Expo saw the introduction of a dedicated room for parents, designed to make it easier for them to swap their kids’ profiles. I decided to head to this area to see if it was helping China’s loveless legions find romance.
Jamie Fullerton