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After Adding Lovie Smith, Is Illinois' Troubled Athletic Program In Turnaround?

Following a dreary year of losses and controversies, Illinois has a new athletic director and a new football coach in Lovie Smith, and a mandate to turn things around.


There's Always Next Year: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Tampa Bay Bucs have a few key decisions to make, and some money to play with. It could wind up that 2016 is a very good year for Jameis Winston and company.


The Rooney Rule and the Trouble with Defining "Minorities"

The NFL's Rooney Rule is a well-intentioned effort to increase diversity among head coaches and general managers, but what qualifies as a "minority?"


Inopportune Knocks: Self-Sabotage by NFL Coaches, Week 15

This week in not-going-for-it, Jason Garrett does some extremely Jason Garrett stuff inside the ten-yard line, and the AFC South continues to afflict us all.


The NFL Previewed in Song, Part VI: The NFC South

Welcome to the swampy home of Josh McCown.