The Noisey Advent Calendar

With "Santa's Coming Over," Low Embraced a Creepy-Ass Christmas

The Duluth trio's "Just Like Christmas" might be the indie classic, but the terrifying "Santa's Coming Over" deserves more attention.
Alex Robert Ross
Rank Your Records

Low's Alan Sparhawk Ranks the Band's 11 Albums

On the release of their new album, 'Double Negative,' the co-founder reflects on a 25-year career that helped launch the slowcore movement.
Cam Lindsay

The Baltic Sea’s Oxygen Levels Are At a 1,500-Year Low

And climate change is halting recovery efforts.
Jordan Pearson
New music

Low Are Back with Three (Mostly) Caustic New Songs

"Quorum," "Dancing and Blood," and "Fly" are the first three songs from 'Double Negative,' the band's 12th studio LP, out on Sub Pop in September.
Alex Robert Ross

What Is a Bitcoin ‘Death Cross’ and Why Is Everyone Talking About It?

Bitcoin’s price is falling, and self-proclaimed experts are trying to tell the future.
Jordan Pearson
In Memoriam

Robert Christgau Remembers Six Ways 70s Bowie Changed Culture Forever

Bowie was everything: a punk prophet and an arena-rock pioneer, a free spirit and a proud poser, a dynamo and an amalgamator and a shrewd hanger-on.
Robert Christgau
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Brian Eno Shares Candid Tribute to His Late Collaborator David Bowie

"I feel a huge gap now."
Alexander Iadarola

The Verbasizer was David Bowie’s 1995 Lyric-Writing Mac App

"What you end up with is a real kaleidoscope of meanings and topic and nouns and verbs all sort of slamming into each other.”
Matthew Braga
The VICE Guide to Right Now

David Bowie and Brian Eno Had Plans to Collaborate Again

They had a plan to revisit the 1995 album 'Outside' before Bowie passed away Sunday night.
River Donaghey

Bowie Down, Bitches: How David Bowie Became an Icon for Sexual Liberation

For those who’ve felt the pains of society’s razor sharp cookie-cutter, Bowie is a beacon.
Sophie Saint Thomas
Holy Shit

Want to Cry? Cool, Stream Low's Beautiful New Track "What Part of Me"

The long-time indie outfit release the second single from their forthcoming LP 'Ones and Sixes.'
Bryn Lovitt
The Drugs Issue

I Want My Dvds

Watching a grainy black-and-white documentary about rock’s least exciting band on tour is so shin-knawingly dull it verges on the comical.
VICE Staff