Low Earth Orbit

moon landings

Watch the First Private Moon Lander Ride to Orbit on a SpaceX Rocket

The Beresheet lander will attempt the first private Moon landing on April 11.
Becky Ferreira

Scientists Map Out How to Nudge Small Asteroids into Earth’s Orbit

A University of Glasgow team explores the subtle art of capturing asteroids without killing everybody.
Becky Ferreira
Out Of This World

Citizens of Space ‘Nation’ Asgardia Are Already Violating Earthly Laws

The organization plans to launch a data-filled satellite later this year. Already, some of its 'citizens' are uploading copyrighted files to the satellite's website.
Mark Harris

​Europe Is Building a ‘Space Data Highway’ With Lasers

It'll transmit data back to Earth about 90 times faster than your typical earthly internet connection.
Victoria Turk

A Tiny Canadian Satellite Is Going to Watch the World's Climate Offenders

Its creators say that four major operators from Canada's oil sands have already signed-up.
Matthew Braga

NASA Is Sending Astronauts to Orbit the Moon by 2023

This is a delay from the original launch date to test the Orion capsule, which was planned for 2021.
Kaleigh Rogers

The Planetary Society's Solar Sail Is Ready to Deploy in Low-Earth Orbit

Despite a near-fatal software bug.
Ben Richmond
Motherboard Blog

Can Commercial Space Flights Handle NASA's New Wave of Supply Contracts?

So far supply missions are launching in a trickle.
Amy Shira Teitel
Motherboard Blog

The ESA's Proba-3 Satellites Will Fly in Tandem to Block Out the Sun

Spain heads a mission where a pair of satellites move in tandem like expert tango dancers.
Ben Richmond
Motherboard Blog

SpaceX's Historic ISS Mission Faces Not-So-Historic Delays

SpaceX's ISS missions has been delayed, making NASA rely on Russia launches a little longer.
Amy Shira Teitel
Motherboard Blog

SpaceX Is Opening Space, You're Still Too Broke to Go

It's a small step. Not quite a giant leap for mankind.
Amy Shira Teitel
Motherboard Blog

Despite Delays, the SpaceX Dragon Capsule is Still the Future of Private Space Transport

If Elon Musk can take over delivering payloads to low Earth orbit, NASA will be free to focus on long-term goals like interplanetary flight.
Amy Shira Teitel