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Despite Landmark Status, 'Grim Fandango' Is a Masterpiece Without a Legacy

Free from GOG right now, the LucasArts adventure classic remains the pinnacle of the genre's 90s heyday.
Bruno Dias

Gamers Can't Stop Buying the Loot Boxes They Hate

Loot boxes in 'Shadow of War,' 'Battlefront II,' and 'Forza 7' are making players angry, and game publishers rich.
Matthew Gault
Guide To Games

The Invincible Hero of ‘Monkey Island’ Was an Adventure Game Masterstroke

Lucasfilm Games revolutionised a genre by making Guybrush Threepwood an inept, but unbeatable, pirate wannabe.
Mike Diver
Full Throttle

'Full Throttle: Remastered' is Gorgeous, No Matter How You Look at it

Double Fine’s remaster of the beloved LucasArts classic looks great, no matter the style.
Danielle Riendeau
Commodore 64

This 80s MMO Needs Your Help to Stay Alive

'Habitat' needs your Java skills.
Nicole Carpenter

LucasArt’s 1986 MMO Is Being Revived

The short-lived predecessor to Second Life required a bit of tinkering to reactivate.
Zack Kotzer

‘The Secret of Monkey Island’ Is Still a Perfect Video Game

It's ancient, slow, and you (almost) can't die in it. And yet LucasArts' 1990 adventure remains absolute gaming perfection for me.
Mike Diver
VICE vs Video games

What's the Greatest 'Star Wars' Video Game of All Time?

With EA's "Battlefront" and "The Force Awakens" looming, it's as good a time as any to argue about the best games ever spawned by the series.
Edwin Evans-Thirlwell and Sean Cleaver
VICE vs Video games

Ubisoft Legend Jade Raymond Is Opening a New EA Studio in Montreal to Make a Star Wars Game

One video game legend is teaming up with another to create a new studio and some Star Wars thing.
Zack Kotzer

Disney Combines Toys and Video Game Divisions Because They're the Same Thing Now

Disney understands that toys and video games are becoming the same thing.
Emanuel Maiberg
VICE vs Video games

Tim Schafer’s Biker Adventure ‘Full Throttle’ Still Kicks Ass

Twenty years since its release, LucasArts' oddball road trip is a journey entirely unto itself.
Andy Kelly

The Rise, Fall, and Rebirth of LucasArts’ Adventure Classics

With Grim Fandango remastered for 2015, The Secret of Monkey Island turning 25, and Full Throttle 20 this year, here's an overview of the company that made these adventure classics happen.
Richard Cobbett