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These Aren’t Your Typical Wrestling Photos

Gay Mexican American photographer Ken Castañeda uses Lucha Libre in his work to express his complex identity.
Clara Mokri

What to Eat at a Lucha Libre Match, If You Can Stand the Insults

Walking into the Arena Coliseo de Guadalajara, you’re greeted with delightful wafts of freshly popped corn and good-hearted jeers from the crowd.
Natalie B. Compton

This Mexican Wrestler's Steakhouse Serves '1000% Guapo' Meat

"I felt like Sylvester Stallone in 'Rocky VI,' when everyone went to his restaurant to hear him tell stories about boxing in the old days."
Mónica Ocampo
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Lucha libre fans love to hate on this pro-Trump wrestling villain

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We Hop in the Ring with Lucha Libre Wrestlers on Today's 'Daily VICE'

VICE heads to the Bronx Wrestling Federation to meet former fighter John Torres, who now documents the theatrical Mexican-style wrestling matches as a filmmaker.
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Seattle's Lucha Libre Wrestlers are Fighting for their Sport in the State Legislature

There is only one lucha libre school in Washington state—and its luchadores are lobbying the government to make their sport more accessible.
Josh Cohen
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We Head to an Intense Trump Rally in Wisconsin on Today's 'Daily VICE'

Then Motherboard explains how Facebook is using artificial intelligence in a new feature for blind users, and VICE Sports tells us how a lucha libre wrestling school is trying to change the sport's regulations.
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"I've Had Guys Get Me Into Headlocks:" Talking With The Directors of "Lucha Mexico"

Documentarians Ian Markiewicz and Alexandria Hammond spent four years around Lucha Libre, capturing its biggest and most brutal moments and its small, human ones.
Pete Croatto
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Lucha Libre Finds New Home in Toronto

House of Glory brought the high-flying Mexican Lucha Libre style of professional wrestling to Toronto this past weekend, putting on a successful and entertaining show.
Robb Vanderstoel

A Day in the Life of LA's Littlest Luchador

Piñatita lives dual lives. In one, he's hailed as a champion. In the other, he's just like the rest of us—except that he has to deal with the unique challenges of being a little person.

Addict, Priest, Luchador: The Unbelievable Life of Fray Tormenta

Padre Fray Tormenta has inspired films and wrestled all over the world, but he never sought out fame; all he wanted was to support the orphans of his parish.
Eric Nusbaum
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Lucha Libre is Coming to America

Lucha libre is a freak show, but it's an inclusive freak show, starring women, old guys, and gay guys—yes, the sport features gay crossdressers known as exóticos.
Christopher Malo