• 8.3.15

      A Brief History of Mankind's Inhumanity Toward Robots

      Hitchbot is dead, but robo-murder is nothing new.

    • 1.8.15

      Technology Is Making Us Stupid

      In Nicholas Carr's the Glass Cage, the Pulitzer-shortlisted author makes a compelling argument on the way technology has failed us—from aircraft autopilot to GPS maps—and the perils of being forever trapped in the beam of our smartphones.

    • 9.2.14

      You've Got Luddites All Wrong

      Stop using the word 'Luddite'—unless you're talking about a powerful, anti-automation labor movement that struck fear into the heart of industry.

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    • 12.1.02

      My America

      Here's another group of people I'd like to see go back to where they came from: this generation's Luddites. According to the dictionary, a Luddite is "one who opposes technical or technological change." It comes from Ned Ludd, an English laborer, who...