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How Ukraine's War Became Big Business For the Underworld

VICE News went undercover to investigate how smugglers are profiting from the war in eastern Ukraine as a blockade of separatist territories spawns a black market trade in fuel, food, and medicine.
Jack Losh

Paranoia and Purges: The Dark and Dirty Battle for Power in Rebel-Held Ukraine

In exclusive interviews with commanders, VICE News reveals the extrajudicial killings and atmosphere of Soviet-style paranoia that have subsumed the rebel-held areas in Ukraine.
Jack Losh

'We Want Orders to Attack': Celebrating Ukrainian Independence Day on the Eastern Frontlines

VICE News visited Ukrainian army positions to gauge the mood among fighters and the temperature of the frontline, 24 years after independence and more than a year into a conflict with pro-Russia rebels.
Jack Losh

Ukraine's First Separatist Soccer Derby

Professional soccer had not been played in Donetsk since the start of Ukraine's civil war. That changed on Saturday.
Jack Crosbie
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We Witnessed an Initiation Ceremony That Turned Ragtag Rebels Into Cossacks

VICE News watched an hourlong initiation rite where a band of rebels fighting in Eastern Ukraine officially become Cossacks, renowned for centuries for their battlefield prowess.
Jack Losh and Daniel Metcalfe
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Ukraine Releases Video to Prove Its Claimed Capture of Two Russian 'Special Forces'

The two alleged Russian troops that were captured over the weekend refused to be sedated during medical treatment out of fear that Ukrainian doctors would harvest their organs.
Liz Fields
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Russian Soldiers Have Given Up Pretending They Are Not Fighting in Ukraine

Russian officials including President Vladimir Putin have repeatedly denied that their soldiers are in Ukraine, arguing that the Russians who are fighting there are all volunteers.
Alec Luhn

In Photos: A Year of Conflict in Ukraine

Exactly one year after former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych was forced from office, VICE News takes a look back at the bloody, bizarre, and often heartbreaking aftermath.

'People Live Here. Don’t Shoot': The Atmosphere Darkens as Divisions Deepen in Eastern Ukraine

VICE News reports from Donetsk, where humanitarian conditions are getting worse as essential food and medical supplies become increasingly scarce.
Harriet Salem