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Asteroid Dust Could Help Cool the Climate, Scientists Say

A new study links an asteroid collision to a cooling period and a burst of biodiversity 466 million years ago, and suggests that asteroid dust could help the climate crisis today.


These 54-Million-Year-Old Fly Eyes Are Preserved in Astounding Detail

The crane fly fossils upend theories about the structure of the most common visual organ in the animal kingdom.


Ravens Are So Smart, One Hacked This Researcher's Experiment

Researchers had to remove the bird because they were worried it’d teach the others.


Scientists Say This Orangutan Can Mix Cocktails

A new study from Lund University in Sweden claims that large primates have a type of taste memory previously thought to be exclusive to humans. One that can be used to mix delicious cocktails.


Why Dung Beetles Dance on Poop: They’re Mapping the Sky

Understanding how bugs navigate could help build better robots.


Scientists Zapped Bats With Lasers Inside a Wind Tunnel to Learn How they Fly

It could lead to better drones in the future.


Why Do Swedish Students Love Yelling So Much?

This weekend the internet discovered the "Flogsta scream," a decades-old tradition where Swedish students all yell out their windows at the same time.


Scientists Have Manipulated Old Stem Cells to Produce Younger Blood

Put away the fangs, you old vampires. You may soon be making your own young blood instead of sucking ours.