This Tiny Country Will Be the First in Europe to Legalize Weed

“I’m hoping all of us will get a more open-minded attitude toward drugs," said the nation's health minister.


Top Luxembourg official says Italy’s Matteo Salvini is acting like “the fascists from the '30s"

“If you like immigrants so much, you can welcome them all in Luxembourg."


Why Luxembourg, Of All Places, Is a Global Leader in Asteroid Mining

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Multimedia artist Max Mertens’ latest public installation evokes the pure joy of childhood.


Luxembourg Is the Asteroid Mining Capital of the World

Luxembourg’s new law that will allow the country to begin issuing licenses to asteroid mining companies in 2017, giving them legal rights to the materials they harvest in space.


Luxembourg Is Set to Become the Most Animal-Friendly Country in the World

Proposed new animals rights legislation — which states animals are sentient beings with certain rights, who can experience anguish — has been described as the most progressive in the world.


The Whistleblowers Behind the LuxLeaks Scandal Are On Trial In Luxembourg

Three men accused of whistleblowing on tax dodging schemes that saved multinational companies millions of dollars could face up to five years in jail and a €1.25 million euro fine.


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Tiny Luxembourg Looks to Make a Big Splash in Asteroid Mining

“Our aim is to open access to a wealth of previously unexplored mineral resources on lifeless rocks hurling through space, without damaging natural habitats,” the country's government declared on Tuesday.


Unhappy Meal: How McDonald’s Is Using Luxembourg's Tax Laws to Supersize Its Profits in Europe

The fast food giant has shaved off 1 billion euros in corporate EU taxes by routing profits through its lightly-taxed Luxembourg subsidiary, according to a new report.


Monophona's New Video Finds Beauty in Horror

Shit gets real creepy with the Luxembourg-based art-tronic project.


'The Situation Is Becoming Untenable': Leaked Documents Highlight Tax Avoidance Controversy In Luxembourg

In an interview with VICE News, French politician Eva Joly gives her assessment of the secret tax deals involving Luxembourg officials and hundreds of multinational corporations.