Inside Ukraine's Wildly Popular, Deeply Troubling Nationalist Restaurant

At Kryjivka, guests can enjoy a bowl of blood-red borscht then practice their aim at targets of Stalin and Lenin at the on-site shooting range.


Ukraine's First Separatist Soccer Derby

Professional soccer had not been played in Donetsk since the start of Ukraine's civil war. That changed on Saturday.


Ukraine's Refugee Soccer Club

Shakhtar Donetsk was forced to flee its home stadium and home city due to war. Now the club and its fans are facing a tough road in Western Ukraine.


We Went On a Tour of Ukraine's Weirdest Themed Bars

A war is raging in East Ukraine. In the West, people are taking their minds off things by getting drunk and firing guns indoors.


A Black Market for Tainted Meat Is Flourishing in Ukraine

Things haven’t been going well for Ukraine lately. And to add insult (and possibly more injury) to injury, a recent investigation into the country’s black market for meat has revealed that tainted beef, pork, and chicken are being trafficked into the...


The World Finally Realizes That Hosting the Winter Olympics Totally Sucks

Krakow is the latest city to withdraw from hosting the 2022 Winter Olympics, as people finally realize it's not really worth it.


Ukraine's Kitten Carriage Aims to Dispel Neo-Nazi Rumors

A train car adorned with kittens will travel across Ukraine to spread friendship. It also contains stuffed toys, cushions, and beer.