The Horrific Story of a Mob of White Cab Drivers Getting Away with Murder

The tragic 1947 event speaks to America's enduring history of racism and systemic corruption.


Justin Fairfax compared the sexual assault allegations against him to a "political lynching"

Virginia's lieutenant governor is facing allegations from two women who accused him of assault and rape.


Kentucky Democrat’s campaign ad features lynched bodies spelling out “Good Ol' Boy System”

The Kentucky Democratic Party wasted no time distancing itself from the candidate.


India is threatening to sue WhatsApp over mob lynchings linked to fake news

“Rampant circulation of irresponsible messages in large volumes on WhatsApp’s platform has not been addressed adequately."


Peru Prosecutors Say Canadian Killed by Lynch Mob May Have Shot Ayahuasca Shaman

Locals in the Amazon appear to have taken justice into their own hands after a tourist was accused of killing a revered Indigenous healer.


Two Arrests Ordered After Lynch Mob Kills Canadian Man in Peru

Sebastian Woodroffe went to the Amazon to study plant medicine. Then he was accused of killing an ayahuasca shaman.


GOP Lawmaker Said Confederate Statue Vandal Should Be 'Hung from a Tall Tree'

Leaders in the Missouri House of Representatives have called on the legislator to resign.


Mississippi Republican: People Removing Confederate Statues Should Be 'Lynched'

Oh, and he compared Louisiana's politicians to Nazis.


Why Kids Need to Learn About Lynching

The new documentary 'An Outrage' visits lynching sites in six Southern states to explore one of the most brutal chapters in America's dirty past—and its connections to modern racism and police brutality.


This Bridge in Mississippi Has Hosted Decades of Racial Violence

A new history of brutal lynchings at the same spot in 1918 and 1942 offers insight into the terror of white supremacy.


The Hanging Death of a Black Man Stirred Up Old Racial Fears in Mississippi

When 54-year-old Otis Byrd was found hanging from a tree in this former hotbed of racial terrorism, many people suspected foul play—even though the authorities say his death was a suicide.